How to Guide: Why pick Soy over Paraffin when choosing your Candle

How to Guide: Why pick Soy over Paraffin when choosing your Candle

  • A brief history lesson on where Paraffin comes from
  • Paraffin and its Chemical Buddies
  • Why choose Soy Candles

Today we are going to talk about which candle is best to choose. I have spent over 20 years of my life trying to find the best candles and the longest burn with that great chosen scent.

What type of Candle should you choose?

For years Paraffin Wax was the number one candle ingredient used. It was first introduced in the 1850's,chemists realised that they could separate a wax substance from petroleum and refine it to create Paraffin Wax. Before this time, most candles were made with animal fat. I personally wouldn't like that but hey, if that's all that's available, what choice do you have when there was no electricity.

Scarily enough, Paraffin Wax when burned, releases harmful substances for example benzene or formaldehyde into the air. If you ever suffer from allergies, maybe look at the type of candle you are burning at home. Burning Paraffin candles can trigger allergies or allergy like symptoms. You see, Paraffin Wax is a petroleum waste bi-product that is chemically bleached and when you burn that candle it releases highly toxic chemicals like benzene and toluene. Both of these chemicals are known carcinogens. Put it this way, the toxins released from that Paraffin Candle are the same chemicals as those found in diesel fumes and can also be, (Wait for it) dangerous as second-hand smoke. WHO KNEW!!!

These chemicals are linked to several health issues including asthma and the BIG C. Yes, Cancer. 

If I knew this 20 years ago, there would be no way that I would be buying paraffin candles. It is truly scary how something that we purchase to create ambience and cosiness in our homes and businesses, could be shortening our life without us knowing it.

Today thankfully, we have a fantastic choice on what you as the customer, prefer what your candle is made from. 

My choice of wax: Soy Wax

At Amber & Aurora Candles we use Golden Wax 464. We tested many different types of waxes but our preferred wax always brought us back to 464. The texture, the melt and the transformation of the wax when a little scent is added was fantastic. It became number one in our business.

Soy Wax is healthier for people, animals and a lot better for the environment. In Ireland, typically soy wax is either from the US or Europe. Unfortunately in Ireland, our climate is not suited to grow Soy Beans. The beans don't reach the correct maturity before the rainier months (which can be quite a lot of months). So we need to import wax from over seas. Soy wax is typically non toxic and paraben - free, vegan and cruelty - free.

Soy wax is a sustainable and renewable resource. It is biodegradable which is huge in todays standards. Soy Candles last longer and burn better than paraffin as it has a larger melt pool that means more fragrance. They burn clean, meaning no sooty substance around the edges of your candle. Huge contrast between both.

I hope that in someway, I have changed your outlook on the differences between Paraffin and Soy Candles. It is now up to you to make that choice. Let's hope that you make that big step to a healthier, sustainable and more eco friendly product.

A big thank you to you for reading my very first Blog.

Welcome to Amber & Aurora Candles - Where Soy is the only way.


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